Booking Lessons and protecting you during Covid19
The number of lessons you require depends on your own particular needs. However, for most people a course of 20 - 30 regular lessons can provide a good foundation for ongoing development.

Lessons are conducted on a one to one basis and last for 40 to 45 minutes.

We start working with simple movements and positions such as sitting and standing, walking or bending, all of which are basic to every day life. With verbal explanation and gentle hands-on guidance, you can start to re-discover balance and ease within yourself.

Through experience and observation, you will become aware of how tension is created in the body. This increased awareness will help you change longstanding habits and function more efficiently.
It is otherwise advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothes and be prepared to remove your shoes.

I charge £40 for 45 minute lessons in Ealing (concessions available) subject to availability. Monday to Friday,

First lesson 7a.m, and last lesson 4 p.m.

Call: 020 8932 0869 or
for more details.
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Because of Covid19, there are some additional safety
measures used during lessons in order to keep us both safe.
Please read the terms and conditions below as they
explain what is required from you. For example, you
will need to bring a mask with you and wear it
throughout your lesson and visit. If you feel unwell you must cancel the lesson and will not be charged in these circumstances.

In order to protect both my pupils and myself during the Covid19 pandemic, the conditions in which I conduct Alexander Technique lessons from home has been the subject of a formal Risk Assessment to ensure that lessons can be undertaken safely and in full compliance with government regulations and guidance. As a result, and to meet the requirements of that Risk Assessment, the following terms and conditions will be applied to my lessons for the foreseeable future:
1. At the time of booking a lesson, you will be asked whether you are experiencing any of the following:
i) Symptoms associated with Covid19, such as a high temperature, persistent cough and / or loss of taste and smell;
ii) You are generally feeling unwell (e.g. symptoms of a cold, flu or other illness);
iii) You are currently in a period of quarantine as a result of returning from a government listed foreign country that requires quarantine on return to the UK;
iv) You are currently in a period of self-isolation either as a result of being contacted via the government's Track & Trace scheme as having been in close proximity to someone who has tested positive for Covid19, or because you have tested positive for Covid19 yourself, regardless of whether you display any symptoms.
If any of the above apply at the time of booking, then a lesson cannot be booked until these circumstances clear.

2. Should any of the above symptoms or circumstances occur between the time of booking and the lesson itself, you must contact me as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule. You will not be charged for cancellation in such circumstances, up to and including the day of the lesson, and should not visit the premises. Equally, if I myself experience any of these symptoms or circumstances, I will contact you to cancel the lesson. Again, this may occur up to and including the day of your lesson and your kind understanding for any inconvenience is appreciated.

3. If all is well and the lesson is able to proceed, you will need to bring a facemask with you, which you are then legally required to wear from the time you enter the premises until you leave, including the time during your lesson.

4. On arrival, and before leaving, you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer that will be provided by me for your convenience. You will be asked about the conditions detailed in point 1, above, as an extra safeguard. I will open and close the front door for you.

5. As a teacher, I am required to wear a facemask and / or face visor throughout your visit, including for the duration of your lesson. The lesson will otherwise be conducted as normal.

6. All touchpoints that you may encounter during your visit and lesson will be disinfected and cleaned immediately prior to your arrival, such as the bannister rail and the work table and chair in my work room. A disposable paper sheet will be used on the work table for your lesson. The workroom door will be left open or otherwise opened and closed by myself so that your contact with any surfaces can be minimised.

7. Should you need to use the bathroom during your visit, the touchpoints (such as door handles, toilet, flush handle, sink and taps) will be disinfected and cleaned immediately prior to your arrival. Separate liquid soap / hand sanitizer and kitchen towels will be available for your use.

8. Payment will continue to be by cash or cheque. If you are paying in cash it would be appreciated if you could please bring the exact amount to minimise the need to handle notes and coins in order to receive change.

Please be assured that your health and safety is of primary concern to me. I therefore hope that the above measures will provide reassurance that your lesson can otherwise proceed as normal and with minimal inconvenience or disruption.

Covid19 Protection
Terms and Conditions for Alexander Technique Lessons with Trish Wade