Medical Research in Support of The ALexander Technique
In August 2008, the British Medical Journal published the results of a six year clinical trial funded by the Medical Research Council and the NHS.

The results showed that Alexander technique lessons provided long-term benefits to chronic low back pain sufferers, reducing the number of days in pain and offering significant improvement in function and quality of life.

Of the various approaches tested in the trial, lessons in the Alexander Technique were found to offer the most benefit.
The research revealed that, after 24 lessons, the average number of activities previously limited by low back pain had
fallen by 42%.

One year after the trial started, the number of days in pain had decreased from 21 days per month to just three.

The research concluded that one to one lessons in the Alexander Technique, given by a registered teacher, have long
term benefits for patients with chronic back pain, compared to the short term benefits of other treatments, such as massage *.

The trial authors concluded that the long-term benefits of taking Alexander Technique lessons are unlikely to be due to the placebo effects of attention and touch and were far more likely due to active learning of the Technique.

Significantly, a series of six Alexander Technique lessons followed by GP-prescribed general exercise, was found to be only 70% as beneficial as 24 Alexander Technique lessons alone.

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