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Who was F. M. Alexander?
When an investigation comes to be made, it will be found that every single thing we are doing in this work is exactly what is being done in Nature where the conditions are right, the difference being that we are learning to do it consciously."
F.M. Alexander
As doctors were unable to solve his problems, he began a process of self observation. Whilst reciting out loud, he found that he used himself in a way that created tensions throughout his whole body and depressed his vocal chords. This did not just occur when he was reciting on stage, but also to a lesser degree when talking or standing normally.
Frederick Matthias Alexander was born in Tasmania, Austrailia in 1869 and, as a young man, was an actor who specialised in reciting Shakespeare and other great works. However, whilst performing on stage, he often found he suffered from vocal problems and sometimes lost his voice altogether.
Over a period of many years, he gradually developed a technique to change these unconscious actions. This not only addressed his own vocal and breathing problems but also greatly improved his general health and well being.

Alexander was encouraged to teach his technique to others, and eventually came to London in 1904. He continued to develop and teach his Technique in both London and America, still working and teaching into his eighties when he died in 1955.

The Alexander Technique is now taught across the globe, with over 2500 teachers world-wide.
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FM Alexander
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